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A face shield is a device used to protect wearer's entire face (or part of it) from hazards such as flying objects and road debris, chemical splashes (in industry), or potentially infectious materials (in medical and laboratory environments).

Buy Wholesale Face Shields Online

Avoid contamination and protect your entire face, with face shields from Garza PPE. Unlike masks, which primarily function as protection for others, our face shields are designed to protect YOU, the wearers. By adding an additional barrier above the mouth, face shields effectively prevent droplets from splashing into your eyes and nose. If you're seeking to avoid contamination with added facial protection, then you came to the right place. We stock high demand wholesale face shields and ship next day, for free.

Reliable & Comfortable

We understand that face shields are being worn for hours at a time - that’s why comfort is key. Here at Garzza, our one-size-fits-most product line, includes two different types of face shields that fit comfortably to your face via built-in glasses or a padded headband. If you're looking to purchase face shield mask wholesale, then look no further. We have the supplies you need, when you need them, at the price you can afford.

Product Features

All Garza face shields are reusable and easy to wash. Each shield features anti-fog coating and transparent materials that prevent the buildup of fog and allow you to see with optimal clarity. Headband shields come 10 per box with a minimum purchase quantity of 4, while glasses-framed shields come 20 per box, with a minimum purchase of 3. Light assembly is required. Shop the store or contact one of our knowledgeable customer service experts to find out which shield is best for you!

***Currently the CDC does not recommend using face shields or goggles as a substitute for masks, however the two can be used in conjunction to provide superior protection. ***

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